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  • The Maveriq Train

    30 Steel-Wheels for optimal speeds throughout the entire layout. 1 Bearing for Zero-Car. Ball-Joint Connector.

  • Electrical Lift-Unit

    1. Smooth potentionmeter for
      speed control
    2. Lipo Akku 18650 with Mini-USB charging port. Battery not Included.
    3. Snapy ON/OFF Switch
  • Building-System

    Plug, twist and tweak your layout with ease.

  • Platform-System

    Plug, turn and change your platform-layout instantly.

  • Lift-System

    • Build-Angle is flexible up to 70° degrees
    • Choose how high you want to build
    • Suppors can slide along the segments for flexible constructions
  • Plattform-System

    Turn the platform in both directions. It locks itself every 30 degrees.

  • Part List 1/2

  • Part List 2/2