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Our first product, the MicroCoaster Founder's Edition with over 1.200 pieces, has been successfully crowd funded by 100 individuals who had awaited the MicroCoaster experience for Years.

  • S-Scale & Detail

    The MicroCoaster train is inspired by the original Maverick rollercoaster at Cedar-Point, Ohio. Featuring 30 precision steel wheels
    and beautiful detail within it‘s
    25x25x150mm dimensions.
    This ride operates smooth
    throughout your created layout!

  • Modular Building

    Your creativity and coaster
    ideas come to life with this Kit featuring over 1.200 Parts and 19 Feet (Lift-hill included) of track.

    Every piece has been designed to be turned, moved, twisted, bend and tweaked at any moment of construction.

  • Electrical Lift Engine

    This unit transports the train up the hill. You can control the speed with a potentiometer.

    It is battery powered and can be charged with an USB charger.

    (Battery not included in the Kit)

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