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Microcoaster – Founders Edition

Microcoaster – Founders Edition

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MICROCOASTER – Founders Edition

210423 | 1270 pcs | Age 10+

Engineering performance train.
Movable platform for quick adjustments.
Flexible track for every shape imaginable.

+ New parts and more supports than originally sold.
+ 2 Year guarantee on all parts. 

Empower Your Innovation: The Coaster Kit That Knows No Limits!

Experience the world of modular building like never before with this kit. With 1,270 parts at your disposal and a staggering 19 feet of track, your creative visions and coaster concepts spring to life. This kit is ready for limitlessness!

Crafted with precision, each individual piece within this kit is engineered for seamless transformation – easily turned, moved, twisted, bent, and fine-tuned at any juncture of construction.

Introducing the Electrical Lift-Unit-1. Seamlessly elevate your train with pinpoint precision, by controlling the chain speed with a potentiometer.

This ingenious unit is powered by a Li-ion 18650 battery, and recharging is a breeze with a convenient USB charger port. (Please note: Batteries and charger are not included in the kit.)

Early-Adopters earn more!

+ free Brake-Station

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